Large September Radio Auction

Tune in Saturday, September 12th at 8 AM for the large radio auction.  Listen on all of our stations, KCUE 1250AM, 98.9FM, KLCH 94.9FM, KWNG 105.9FM, WBHA 1190AM, 99.7FM
Your full phone number is your bid number.
To place your bid call:
• Red Wing Call: 388-7151 or 388-3511
• Lake City Area: 345-6900
• Wabasha Area: 560-4888
View all of the current items online here

2 thoughts on “Large September Radio Auction”

  1. What is you full phone number? For Wabasha? You rarely say it on the radio
    More folks might participate if that happened during the chit chat!!

    1. The Wabasha phone number is above, it’s ‘560-4888’ – if you are looking for the area code it’s also 651. So the full phone number would be ‘651-560-4888’
      I hope this helps.

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